Wednesday, October 6, 2010

...but first, Guided By Voices

We were among the lucky ones in San Francisco last night on hand to witness the sheer power and infectious melodic short blast song arsenal of the notorious Guided By Voices at a capacity-filled Warfield Theater. This was the SF leg of the 'Classic Lineup' Tour with members from the eponymous lineup from 92-96 including the mighty Tobin Sprout.  Have a look at our evening in the video below, sandwiched between the footage of our giddy revelrous antics are several short clips of GBV live on stage completely rocking in their element, shot with a category 5 level of stealth and much to the dismay of the swarming buzzard-like security.  Though John and I counted no less than seven signature high-kicks by the man with the four way hips (aka Robert Pollard), sadly none were immortalized in this video. A BIG thanks to Monsieur Saul and our lovely dates for the incredible memorable evening, a wicked sore throat and a well-deserved hangover. This performance will resonate long after I misplace my ken-colored earplugs.

(Still trying to upload the video, ran into some difficulty this morning with the transfer. I am learning the ins and outs of Bety's killer little Sony HD pocket rig which will be my primary cyber eye while I am in France. Hoping the footage from last night comes out okay. Stay tuned.) 

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