Saturday, February 22, 2014

Eagle For Hire

Operation: Panic Button. After the jet-lag wore off and the lively email banter fell by the wayside, I realized I'm living in the most expensive city in the world with no safety net. I've been surfing an incredible wave but now there is sand in my margarita, all the girls have put their winter coats on, and I have to sell my surfboard!
Just when you think things are really clicking in life, the silence replaces the laughs, ideas become inconvenient, and productivity comes to a screeching halt in the rough surf. Reality deals it's unpredictable hand without a lighter... cigarettes become a forbidden luxury item, weighing them dollar for dollar against a satisfying meal is not easy when you're accustomed to puffing away like some dragon royalty. These past 5 months abroad have been the most incredible memories of my life and now I am paying for it... I wouldn't change a thing but I need to get myself out of the red and Into The Cool something fierce. Although currently in freak out mode, I know the boat will come back into port soon.
So...I'm wrapping up an intensive week of Social Media self home-schooling today... been busy at the computer immersed in the latest bells and whistles and brushing up on new techniques to keep ahead of the curve, enjoyed some nice research and gained new knowledge, SEO tutorials, a template-creating fest and generally going batty over tweaks and settings. And with all synapses firing, I've made it out alive with a way better grip on the mainstays of community management and strategic communication. Freestyle only goes so far before it's time to face those waves, slathered in sunblock with swimsuit pulled high.
I've built a coordinated thematic campaign proposal for new clients, with solid examples from Google+, Google Pages, about.me, Facebook, MySpace, twitter, flickr, Instagram, Photoshelter, WordPress, tumblr, Blogger, Pinterest, Klout, YouTube, Vimeo, Spotify, Soundcloud, and even CafePress, Etsy and eBay. ...and while I was on fire, I had some Moo cards printed too. Pair those with my stellar resume and countless successful years of freelance design solutions and I'm one hott Moondoggy.
If there are any brands or personalities out there looking for a tip-top sophisticated online media presence, a savvy marketing manager, photographer, graphic designer, therapist, copywriter & scene-maker in one fell swoop, please do get in touch. I've got you covered dudes. ; )

See you hanging-ten on the other side

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